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Our Coffee

One of the things that we love about being coffee roasters is the variety of coffees available. At Great Lakes we roast and serve all our different coffee beans as a Dark or House Roast and change the coffee that we're serving often so you get to travel the world one cup at a time.

Coffee is grown around the globe between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. We make certain to always have a selection from the various coffee growing regions: Central & South America, Africa, Indonesia and occasionally some from India and the only place coffee is grown in the USA - Hawaii. 


The coffee bean is really the pit of the coffee cherry which looks very much like the cherries we grow in Michigan except the taste of the coffee cherry isn't sweet, it's bitter, as we know first hand! 

Once picked, the coffee cherries' fruit is removed and the coffee beans are sun dried. There are a couple processes that can accomplish this, one is wet process and the other is dry process. Some prefer one style over the other, we like them both and are more concerned with the end flavor.

Single Origin Coffee is a term for a coffee from a single region such as Tanzanian Peaberry or Costa Rican Tarrazu that haven't been blended with coffees from other regions. We have many single origins and use them when we create our custom coffee blends such as the Great Lakes Blend or Espresso Blend.

Most of our coffees are grown on small farms and picked by hand. We try to always have a selection of Certified Organic and Fair Trade Coffees available for your drinking pleasure and of course every batch is roasted by hand in Sturgis, MI. We roast several times a week to make certain that when you order you are receiving the freshest coffee available!