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Choosing a roast

We offer 2 different roasts. Let us explain and you'll soon be a coffee connoisseur!
House Roast: Our House Roast is roasted between light and medium and gives a full flavored coffee while still maintaining a coffee's individuality. For instance, an African coffee will have hints of fruitiness. An Indonesian coffee will be heavier and earthier and so on. If you find that you are the type of person that enjoys wine-tasting or often complain about coffee being burnt or too strong then our House Roast is the coffee for you.
Dark Roast: Our Dark Roast lovers may be more fanatical about getting a strong cup of coffee. Willing to give up some of the flavor complexity for intensity. If you enjoy jumping out of planes this might be your choice. The longer we roast coffee beans the more they taste the same. For instance, I mentioned the African and the Indonesian coffees and their subtleties of flavor. However, as we roast them to be darker and darker they lose those subtleties and become more alike and far more intense. If you love strong, intense, straightforward coffee then this is for you!